Lamar Jackson Wants a Super Bowl More Than You Do

Maybe it's evolution, or how God planned it, but scientists say the human brain is wired in a way that often makes us remember severe pain longer than we enjoy great pleasure. Apparently the same is true even if you’re a little bit superhuman, like an Avenger, or Lamar Jackson on the gridiron.

Mind's Eye

“Son,” the doctor said, “you’re going to be blind tomorrow.” Sandy Greenberg was just 20 when he first heard the gut-punching words in a Detroit exam room, and they remain seared in his mind, just like the lasting image of his wife of 55 years, Sue. And the memory of the patch of illuminated New York City grass that one of his college roommates and lifelong friends, Art Garfunkel (yes, him), pointed to freshman year and said “Look at what the light does to the color” during a walk on the corner of Amsterdam and 118th streets on Columbia University’s Upper West Side campus.

Keeper of the Yard

One of only two women in Major League Baseball’s 118-year history to be in the role, Nicole Sherry is the keeper of Camden Yards.

On The Ropes

With a Bluetooth in his right ear and a black T-shirt tucked into a pair of workout pants, Calvin Ford is the 52-year-old real life inspiration behind the character Cutty from The Wire, a former drug dealer turned neighborhood do-gooder, who speaks softly. “You ain’t nobody until you beat somebody,” Ford says.

Elvis of the Himalayas

Beneath the burgundy vinyl awning that reads “Nepal House” in white block letters, a poster of Buddha looks down at the entrance to 920 N. Charles St. in Mount Vernon. “Namaste,” it says. “Welcome.” Gentle, lyric-less music, the type you might hear while face down on a massage table, plays in the background, reverberating through a long, dark dining room on the right, and a cozy bar with booths to the left.

A text sent at 3 a.m. changed the course of J.K. Dobbins’ recovery from a brutal knee injury

He was 23-years-old, and about to begin his second NFL season, presumably as the Ravens’ top back — a key piece in the team’s unique run-first attack. Now, nearly 16 months later, J.K. Dobbins is still working to get his knee back in shape, even as he figures to be an important part of the Ravens’ Lamar-Jacksonless attack in Cincinnati tonight, where Baltimore will take on the Bengals in an AFC wild-card game (8:15 p.m. ET, NBC.)

How Michael Battle is Enriching Lives in His Native Cherry Hill

When Michael Battle was 14, his mom died from a drug overdose. His dad was an addict, too. With such hardships at an early age, he fell into a life on the streets of South Baltimore. He’d rehabilitate, then find himself back there. The Cherry Hill native, 41, was ultimately propped up by friends and family—and inspired by his own children—leading him to launch a nonprofit organization in 2011 with his wife, Danielle.
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