Adult Baseball Leagues to Join Around Baltimore This Season

Like almost every adult who puts on a mock Orioles, Nationals, or other MLB uniform each spring Sunday morning to play in the Baltimore Senior Baseball League, Travis Wright dreamt as a kid he’d play in the biggest of leagues one day: the majors. “Growing up, you always thought that’s what you were going to do for a living,” Wright, 53, of Hampden, says. “At least I did. I thought I was going to be a ballplayer."

That’s Mr. (Ruben)Splash, To You

At this very moment, David Rubenstein is the perfect owner of the Baltimore Orioles. He’s a fan, at heart. He was born and raised here, in Pikesville, where he jokes he played a mean shortstop in a Jewish Little League. And, today, decades later, he’s a content, 74-year-old billionaire who keeps hitting all the right notes two months into taking over control of the beloved hometown professional baseball team in a $1.7 billion deal.
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