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Here is more detail about me...

I've been writing and editing professionally for 15 years. Today I work as a full-time writer and editor at Stansberry Research, the leading independent investment advisory firm in the world and part of the publicly-traded company MarketWise. I write and edit a daily financial newsletter read by more than 750,000 subscribers in more than 30 countries. 

I'm also co-host of the Stansberry Investor Hour podcast, a show in which we provide weekly market commentary and interview notable figures in the financial world and beyond.

In addition, I'm a senior contributing writer for the award-winning Baltimore magazine and a regular contributor to The Baltimore Banner, a non-profit, all-digital news outlet. I earned an M.A. in writing from Johns Hopkins University in 2021 and a B.A. in journalism and a B.A. in anthropology from Penn State University in 2008.

My written work has appeared in print or online for these publications:

  • The New York Times
  • Newsday (N.Y.)
  • Baltimore magazine
  • The Baltimore Banner
  • Johns Hopkins Magazine
  • Chesapeake Bay Magazine
  • Stansberry Research
  • Stansberry NewsWire
  • DailyWealth
  • Economy & Markets
  • Empire Financial Daily
  • American Consequences
  • Big Market Trends
  • RealClear Markets
  • Lacrosse Magazine
  • Inside Lacrosse Magazine
  • World Lacrosse
  • PaulRabil.com

I used to work as a sports reporter for Newsday (N.Y.) and was deputy editor of Lacrosse Magazine for a few years before moving full-time into the financial publishing world, where I've been fortunate to work with some brilliant investing minds that always keep me learning.

I got my start in the writing and editing business as a sports writer in college at Penn State, where I covered the football team and pretty much every other sport for The Daily Collegian. After graduating in 2008, I landed my dream job at Newsday, the paper I grew up reading as a sports-loving kid on Long Island. Two years later, I moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where I live with my family.

A lot of the work I do tends to focus on why people do the things they do, how things work, and strives to share insight from interesting personalities in all walks of life. From professional athletes and coaches to hedge-fund managers to lesser-known people looking to make a difference on the streets of Baltimore city.

I worked for five years at Lacrosse Magazine, the flagship publication of US Lacrosse, the national governing body of the sport, and am very proud of the work we did while I was there.

Notably, I produced this one-on-one interview with New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick. Parts of it aired on ESPN and NFL Network and the piece garnered media attention from Yahoo, NBC Sports, USA Today, Fox Sports, Sports Illustrated, Barstool Sports and the Boston Globe.

While at Lacrosse Magazine, I frequently appeared a guest commentator on CBS Sports Network and ESPN Radio, among other outlets.

I then pivoted to the finance while continuing to cover sports on a freelance basis.
Before joining Stansberry Research, I was managing editor of the free daily Big Market Trends investment newsletter, written by notable angel investor and StockTwits founder Howard Lindzon and world-recognized technical analyst J.C. Parets, CEO of AllStarCharts.com.

I'm always looking for great stories to share and new things to learn.